Aspire Bed Blanket Cradle Fixed Height – BEA014605


Bed Cradle – Blanket Lifter Adjustable


HIRE CONDITIONS: Please note the minimum hire period charged is 4 weeks which includes delivery and pickup costs within Perth metro.


  • The Aspire bed cradle is designed to keep bed linen off sensitive areas of the patient’s lower leg or feet by creating clearance between bed linen and the mattress
  • The lower frame slides underneath the mattress, securing the cradle to the bed, while the upper frame is positioned horizontally over the lower limbs
  • Bedding is then placed over the frame to remove any weight or pressure from the sensitive limbs below
  • Powder Coated Mild Steel Construction
  • Height 490mm x Width 470mm x Deep 320mm.
  • Unit weight 1.55kg

Additional information

Weight1.6 kg
Dimensions320 × 470 × 490 cm

Technical Specifications

Overall Dimensions:

Height: 490mm
Width: 470mm
Depth: 320mm
Unit Weight: 1.6kg

Our warranty

1 Years



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