Medical Equipment Servicing

Medical Equipment Services

4Healthcare is known throughout Australia’s health and medical sectors as a company that makes innovative equipment to improve the lives of patients and caregivers.

With a skilled design team and the availability of in-house manufacturing, we don’t stop servicing our customers once we complete the design of a product. We are also available to our customers for a variety of medical equipment services. By increasing the life of your equipment, you can get more out of your medical assets.

Our medical equipment services include:

- Installation
- Inspections and maintenance
- Medical Equipment Maintenance and Service
- Medical Equipment Repair



Our highly trained technicians offer first-in-class installation services. In addition to installation, 4Healthcare also provides transportation, deinstallation, and equipment relocation.

Asset Management


Our customized system designed for 4Healthcare moving preventative maintenance to the next level utilizing cloud-based technology allowing you to track, trace and monitor your equipment live, ensuring all of your equipment is serviced guaranteeing all around compliance and safety for patients and carers.


On completion of each preventative maintenance service, your facility will receive a comprehensive asset management report. 4Healthcare’s asset management report makes it easy to keep track of your medical equipment, know when it was serviced, who serviced it, what was done and if any additional repairs need to be carried out keeping you in control of your equipment.

Medical Equipment Maintenance and Service


Preventative maintenance helps extend the life of your equipment and minimises downtime. Being proactive also helps keep your equipment working reliably
Over the years, we have developed a proprietary system and schedule of maintenance that keeps your medical equipment in working order.

Technical Servicing


Servicing all types of medical equipment

Electric & manual beds, patient lifters, shower trolleys,
commodes, wheelchairs, air mattresses, pressure chairs &

Fully trained technicians

Rapid 24/7 technical support

SO9001-2000 compliance

Service & repair of all manufactures equipment

Preventative maintenance service contracts

Active members of the IHEA (Institute of Hospital
Engineers Australia)

Medical Equipment Repair

Even the best preventative maintenance plans won’t allow you to avoid the need for the occasional repair. However, by entrusting the same company that manufactured your equipment with the necessary repairs, you’ll have a built-in team that can work efficiently to execute fixes in a timely manner. We pride ourselves on fixing it right the first time.

Skilled Technicians

4 Healthcare has a 20 strong service team responsible for installing, servicing, and repairing all equipment. This includes medical beds, patient lifters, therapeutic devices, showering and hygiene systems, and more.

 Skilled and passionate about helping caregivers and patients together, they have created a service team that ensures healthcare facilities have the parts they need and equipment that is in full working order.

 Other aspects that make our medical equipment services team stand out from the competition include:

 -   Technicians are active members of the IHEA (Institute of Hospital Engineers Australia).

-   Procedures are in ISO9001 compliance.

-   24/7 technical support is available.

Maintenance Repairs


All maintenance & repairs carried out by trained technicians.

As medical equipment devices vary, 4Healthcare employs qualified electrical, mechanical and industry tradespersons to ensure the job will be correctly diagnosed and repaired in accordance with the rigorous Australian compliance standards.

Regular servicing helps to maintain the safe standards of your equipment. Each 4Healthcare service technician is trained to, and works in accordance with the standards set out by AS3551:2012.

Asset Management

One of the innovations we’re most proud of is a cloud-based system that empowers you to track, trace, and monitor your equipment in real-time. At a glance, you can ensure that your equipment is compliant with all local and national standards and adheres to all safety protocols.

You’ll also have on-demand access to asset management reports that allow you to:

- Track medical equipment inventory
- View a comprehensive record of service dates and technicians
- Determine what services were performed and what repairs were made
- Find out if any additional repairs need to be scheduled

Lifecycle Planning

Asset maintenance isn’t only about keeping your facility’s equipment functional. It also includes planning for lifecycle replacement and making budgeting decisions. The experience we’ve gained throughout our years in the industry, both as employees and entrepreneurs, has given us valuable insights that can guide you in these complex decision-making processes.

Every facility’s situation is unique. Together, we can review various options, weighing the pros and cons of each.

We are also available to provide your management team with advice and technical expertise on a wide range of topics, including:

- Facility workflow
- Training protocols
- Overhaul planning
- Daily maintenance and upkeep

Our Team is Fully Equipped

As technology advances, it can be difficult to maintain a working knowledge of every single device, or part. Even the best, most highly trained technician is not omniscient. However, we overcome any potential obstacles by equipping each of our technicians with fully equipped vehicles.

 These vehicles contain:

 -   Common parts compatible with our devices

-   Internet-enabled tablets that give them access to necessary service manuals

-   Communication devices to access other team members with unique expertise

Health and Maintenance Standards

All 4Healthcare technicians work in accordance with the standards set out by AS3551:2012. These standards are agreed-upon specifications that protect the best interests of healthcare facilities, caregivers, and patients. They outline the various and often complex procedures that are necessary for maintaining optimal function of medical devices and equipment.

 In addition to specifying procedures for procurement, there are also protocols for maintenance that are designed to ensure an elevated and uniform schedule that is planned out, from the acceptance of equipment to its eventual disposal.