Medical Design

Since our inception in 2012, 4 Healthcare has committed to medical design innovations that improve healthcare and enhance the patient experience. We know that the healthcare sector faces countless complex challenges each day. With this in mind, our founders leveraged their healthcare experience to develop, design, manufacture, and distribute top-of-the-line medical products in Perth, WA.

We continue to evolve our product development process while updating and refining our current offerings. Most importantly, we prioritise a stringent, end-to-end quality management process to ensure that each product provides a long-lasting solution to healthcare.

From Concept to Construction: High-Quality Medical Equipment Design from 4 Healthcare

At 4 Healthcare, we follow a tightly controlled, highly regulated medical equipment design and development system. We begin each project in our factory, located in Perth, WA. Before sketching the first prototype, our team:

  • Performs in-depth research
  • Conducts interviews with patients and healthcare professionals
  • Collaborates with our manufacturing partners

After conducting research, we create three-dimensional drawings of our products. Once our team has refined the design, we use 3D printers to construct prototypes to prepare the plastic components used during our injection moulding process.
Finally, we apply detailed quality management processes to guarantee that each product exceeds both ISO 9001:2015 guidelines and our own rigorous medical design standards.


Innovative Medical Product Design in Perth, WA

Our 4 Healthcare team has built our reputation on quality and product durability. Our value proposition keeps us moving forward to improve our offerings and enhance patient care in Australia.

We prioritise five principles when it comes to innovative medical design, as follows.

1. Innovative medical design that is practical

At 4 Healthcare, we know that each piece of furniture or equipment we produce needs to perform its specific job effectively. Medical products can look aesthetically pleasing, but they are not decorative pieces. Instead, they need to operate as critical, functional patient care tools.

2. Innovative medical design that is self-explanatory

We believe that our medical products should be intuitive and easy to master after one use.

3. Innovative medical design that is self-contained

We design each patient care product to fit seamlessly into a hospital ward, care facility, or home.

4. Innovative medical design that is durable

At 4 Healthcare, we design hospital, aged care,at home equipment and independent living supplies that will last for years to come.

Medical Device Product Development, Design, and Distribution in Western Australia

At 4 Healthcare, we specialise in functional, innovative medical device product development, design, and distribution throughout Perth, Western Australia. For more information on our medical design services, please contact our team today at (08) 9302 4757.